LLP Annual Compliance

LLP Annual Compliance

Annual compliance filing is mandatory for any LLP, whether having a business or not. Annual compliance for LLP requires filing two separate forms. One of which is for Annual Return, whereas another one is for Statement of Accounts and Solvency.



Frequently Asked Question

Why LLP ROC Compliance is required?
What are the ROC Compliances applicable for an LLP?
  1. Filing of Annual returns via Form 11 & Form 8
  2. ROC Filing for Event based compliances as given below
  3. Change in the Registered Office
  4. Appointment of Partners
  5. Changes in Designation of Partners
  6. Increase in Capital Contribution of LLP
  7. Change in Name and Main objects of the LLP
  8. Loan & Charge Management
What are the Compliance exemptions for LLP?

There are many privileges for LLP in comparison to a Private Limited company, in terms of exemptions from maintenance of Minutes book, Statutory registers, Annual general meeting and flexible tax rates.

Is a Board meeting to be held for a Limited Liability Partnership?

Board meeting is generally associated with a Board of Directors meeting. There are no directors involved in an LLP, instead designated Partners run the business and are held responsible for compliances. Hence, Board of Partners meeting is suggested in case of an LLP firm.

Is Annual General meeting (AGM) applicable to an LLP?

No, AGM is not required for an LLP. AGM is a once in a year meeting for Shareholders of the Company. As there is no concept of shareholding in an LLP, no AGM is to be held.


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